Paint Coatings    

Want the best protection available for you vehicle? Ceramic paint coatings are arguably the best option to keep your vehicle looking its best.


Paint coatings can last upwards of 5+ years, which means no more needing to worry about waxing or sealing your paint for a very long time. I offer a number of options for almost any budget with durability ranging anywhere from 12 months to up to 5+ years.


Coatings offer extreme water repellency, scratch/swirl resistance and ease of cleaning. Dirt will not want to stick to your vehicle, and water will simply roll off the surface leaving your vehicle clean and dry. The coatings hardness means less swirl marks and light scratches as your vehicle ages.

Most paint coating installations are not offered as a mobile service due to the requirements to properly install. Coating services can be completed at my location in South Lyon. Call for more information. Some options do require at minimum a single step paint correction (starting at $399) before application of the coating. My standard exterior detail is a minimum requirement before installation of ANY coating.

    Options and Pricing    

Economy Level Coating

* Minimum standard gloss enhancement detail


* Available for mobile service (garage required)

* ~12 months durability

* $50 Deposit required when booking**

* Gyeon Can Coat or similar


 • Cars - $100


 • Small SUVs/Trucks - $115                


 • Large SUV's/Trucks/Minivans - $125
Standard Level Coating

* Minimum deluxe exterior detail required*

* Unavailable for mobile service

* ~2 year durability

* $75 Deposit required when booking**

* Gtechniq EXO v4 Paint Coating - Extremely slick and



 • Cars - $150


 • Small SUVs/Trucks - $175                


 • Large SUV's/Trucks/Minivans - $200
Ultimate Level Coating

* Minimum deluxe exterior detail required, Ultimate


* Unavailable for mobile service

* 3-5+ year durability

* $125 deposit required when booking**

* 2 Layer coating 

* Gtechniq CSL - Extremely hard/durable base coating

* Gtechniq EXO v4 - Extremely slick/hydrophobic top



 • Cars - $250


 • Small SUVs/Trucks - $300                


 • Large SUV's/Trucks/Minivans - $350

*Prices shown on this page are in addition to any exterior detail service.

Durability estimates can vary due to vehicle use and care.

Vehicles must be kept indoors and not driven for a minimum of 12 hours after application. 24 hours preferred to allow proper cure time.


**Deposit is non refundable and will be applied to your final bill. Due to the shelf life of the coatings, they are not kept in stock and are ordered after a deposit is received.

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